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Texas x-ray equipment


TX x-ray equipment








Del / Universal X-Ray Systems

We offer many cutting edge systems made by Universal/Del. These systems are made to accommodate varying needs and budgets, from stationary 4 way float systems like the MedTek to the more sophisticated digital DRV System. Universal/ Del has over 70 years of expertise in manufacturing and distributing in more then 100 countries.




Other systems and upgrades available.



iCRco 3600

The iCR3600's patented design incorporates a True Flat Scan Path, an ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to produce over 300,000 high resolution images per plate. The iCR3600SF has been designed for small format applications as well as to complement existing CR installations. Its 90 plates per hour throughput makes it ideal for medium to high volume environments.



Other systems and upgrades available.



Fuji FCR XL-2

The FCR XL-2 can process up to 94 images per hour - yet its small size makes it ideal for small exam rooms or offices where space is limited. With this kind of speed, the FCR XL-2 also serves as a great redundancy solution, particularly during busy periods.





Other systems and upgrades available.



Tingle TXR System 12

The Tingle TXR 12 systems offer a user friendly system at a cost effective price. Standard Frequency 400 mA 125 kVp X-ray Control with kVp, mA, and mAs Digital readouts. Provided with SCR’s, basic tube limit protection and self-diagnostic program. Heavy Duty Medical Tubestand with magnetic locks, 8’ floor rail and Analog Positioning Control, Port Mount. Four Way Float Table (Grid Cabinet Moves in Table).



Other systems and upgrades available.




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