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Texas x-ray equipment


TX x-ray equipment








iCRco iDR

The iDR will transform your office into a modern imaging facility. iDR offers our patented True Flat Scan Path™ technology for exceptional image quality, high throughput and low cost of ownership. Ideal for all chiropractic facilities where medical imaging is offered, the iDR will innovate your imaging workflow. In addition, iDR is a fully integrated solution paired with the superior image processing software Clarity Captera™.



Other systems and upgrades available.



Universal DC Choice

The DC ChoiceTM is a simple, yet sophisticated, cost effective direct digital x-ray system. The DC Choice delivers superior image quality and is configured with a powerful 500 mA high frequency generator, along with APR techniques, making the DC Choice the best choice in digital imaging.






Other systems and upgrades available.


EMS Stimulator Quattro EMS (Clinical Electrotherapy unit)  

EMS Stimulator Quattro EMS Clinical Electrotherapy Unit - The quattro EMS interferential stimulation is a four channel clinical EMS unit featuring 3 modes. This clinical neuromuscular stimulation unit also has may features found on much more expensive electrotherapy units. EMS units are used in the process of rehabbing muscles by using very weak electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles.



Other systems and upgrades available.



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